Pacific Sea Salt

Move Over Processed Salt!

We all know the dangers of excessive salt intake, including high blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney disease and eczema. But few know how simple the solution is.

All of PRI’s Pacific Sea Salt products are harvested from the pristine oceans around New Zealand, while also being naturally dried, containing no additives, and retaining all of the natural trace elements. More specifically, PRI’s Pacific Sea Salt is obtained from the energy-efficient method of solar and wind evaporation of sea water. This all-natural, age-old process – only where clean oceans can be found – retains the key minerals that play a role in keeping the body’s electrolytes in balance for a healthy lifestyle.

As such, sea salt derived from solar evaporation of sea water is completely different from modern, refined salt which is primarily sodium chloride that’s been kiln-dried – a process that involves scorching salt at high temperatures in order to remove moisture and impurities in the ocean water. Unfortunately, it’s also a process that also removes trace minerals as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium salts. The result: a salt that’s been “refined” to within an inch of its life and is instead as far removed from nature as it is damaging to the human body – therefore making a switch to Pacific Sea Salt a natural choice in every sense of the word.

As seen on the Health Benefits of Water website, (, retrieved 4/5/2015), Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD, author of Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! explains that, contrary to popular belief, salt has many important functions in addition to regulating the water content of the body.

Dr. Batmanghelidj explains that salt is not bad for you nor does it raise blood pressure. Rather, it is the insufficiency of other minerals that normally hold onto and keep water inside the cells that cause a rise in blood pressure. In fact, in conjunction with other minerals, when imbibed correctly salt may actually lower blood pressure to normal levels!

At Pacific Resources, our Pacific Sea Salt is harvested from the clean and pristine oceans around New Zealand, is naturally dried, contains no additives, and retains all of the natural trace elements. Have a look at the ingredient list of sea salt. It probably contains more than just salt. Please check out our selection of Pacific Sea Salt Products:

NATURAL SEA SALT (Additive Free) 
  FSANZ Food Standards Code Volume 2 Standard 2.10.2 Typical
Sodium Chloride as NaCl Min 97% >97%
– Minimum moisture free
Moisture Content NS 1.70%
Matter Insoluble in water NS 0.05%
Sulphate as Na2SO4 NS 1.70%
Calcium as Ca NS 0.10%
Magnesium as Mg NS 0.30%
Cadmium Max 0.5mg/kg <0.01 mg/kg
Arsenic as As Max 0.5mg/kg <0.01 mg/kg
Copper as Cu NS <0.2 mg/kg
Lead as Pb Max 2mg/kg NS <0.3 mg/kg
Iron as Fe NS 9 mg/kg
Boron as B NS 70 mg/kg
Bromide as Br NS 385 mg/kg
Potassium as K NS 2900mg/kg
Mercury as Hg Max 0.1mg/kg 0.01mg/kg
Selenium as Se NS 0.04mg/kg
Additives Not applicable as this product is additive free Nil

NS = Not specified in the FSANZ Standards Code Volume 2, Standard 10.2

Notes:      < Less than          > Greater than       ppm  = mg/kg = (% x 10,000)


Pacific Natural sea salt is harvested from the clear waters of the great southern oceans. Currents sweep up the East Coast of New Zealand and into our Solar Salt field located right at the top of the south island. These waters are evaporated using the natural process of sun and wind. At the end of each summer, our Pacific Natural Sea Salt is carefully gathered so as to maintain the balance of minerals naturally present in salt harvested from the sea.

Pacific Natural Sea Salt contains higher levels of Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals than normal table salt, as these minerals are naturally present in seawater. Some people believe this  balance of minerals has beneficial effects on the body. Natural Sea Salt is certified by Bio-Gro NZ (an IFOAM accredited certifier) for use in organic food processing.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:     Product of New Zealand

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