Manuka Honey

The Magic of Manuka

Pacific Resources International nears its 30th year of delivering New Zealand’s finest Manuka Honey to U.S. shores. We were the first company to introduce Americans to Manuka Honey and we are committed to sharing New Zealand’s wonders with the world.

Manuka Honey is widely believed to treat minor wounds and burns, and some studies have shown it may help:

– Reduce systemic inflammation

– Reduce ear, eye and sinus infection symptoms

– Reduce gastrointestinal problems

– Lower Cholesterol;

– Treat Diabetes;

Hydrogen peroxide is a component of most raw honeys and is responsible for the antibiotic benefits most honeys provide. Most types of honey also have components with antibacterial qualities, but only Manuka Honey contains methylglyoxal (MG), one of the key UMF (Unique Manuka Factors) qualities. Indeed, the higher the concentration of MG, the more powerful the antibiotic effect, which is one reason honey producers have developed a scale for rating the UMF potency of Manuka Honey. Therapeutic abilities start with 5+ either UMF or Bio Active. The advantage of higher grades is that less honey can be used for the same results for everyday conditions. For extreme conditions, a 10+ UMF or higher is recommended.

Not All Manuka Honey Is Created Equal

According to PRI founder David Noll, however, “In recent times, we’ve seen a plethora of Manuka Honey suppliers claiming that you need to have a 16+ or higher to get the job done for certain conditions although testing has shown that there’s actually no difference in treating these conditions when using grades between the 10+ and 20+. In addition, many so-called Manuka Honey products are in fact packaged outside of New Zealand to bypass NZ regulations, which is why we’ve always cited the name and address of the New Zealand bee keepers where our honey is packed with a batch number. The bottom line is that not all Manuka Honey products are created equally, and we feel a responsibility to help ensure that American consumers are experiencing the benefits of authentic New Zealand honey just the way nature intended.”

Sweetening the pot even further, PRI also offers a veritable menu-full of naturally delectable gourmet native honeys ideal for everyone from seasoned chefs to harried home cooks. Another great Manuka product for aches and or joint pain try our NectarEase range. Manuka honey mixed with Bee Venom!

Like all of the company’s diverse products, PRI’s Manuka and gourmet culinary honeys are available online at, as well as in select health food and health product retail stores nationwide. Every jar of honey has a New Zealand Certificate Of Analysis (COA) for purity and strength.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



16 thoughts on “Manuka Honey

  1. I purchased manuka honey bio active 5+ New Zealand . I realized you have no license # on the jar nor is there Umf on the jar. Not all manuka the same as I’m sure you know.
    Nelson Honey. For Pacific Resources Int’l what’s up with this? I know licensing is only proof of THE manuka purity


    1. Thank you for shopping with PRI! I apologize for any confusion with your order and am happy to assure you that all of our Manuka Honey is authentic, quality Manuka honey collected from native Manuka trees in New Zealand. While we do sell Active UMF Manuka Honey (, which will always arrive with a licence number on the jar indicating it’s additional certification, you indicated your order contained our Bio Active 5+. Our Bio Active products will not arrive with a license number. Both the Bio Active honey and the UMF honey are excellent products that have been tested and graded for activity in order to provide you with all of the properties of raw honey. If you have any further questions or concerns, we will be happy to assist you. Thank you!


    1. Thank you for shopping with PRI! Manuka Honey contains special antibacterial properties, similar to hydrogen peroxide, making it heat resistant. When taken internally, the enzymes remain active allowing the honey to work effectively against certain bacteria, such as H-pylori. This hydrogen peroxide-like activity is known as Bio Active. Some honey contains a non-peroxide antibacterial property, deeming it more stable and active in a variety of conditions. The UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is a measure of these unique, natural markers found in the honey, assuring its purity and quality. UMF is a registered, quality trademark and can only be used by licensed users who meet set criteria. To read more about the UMF grading system, please view the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association website: I hope this answers your question!


    1. New Zealand Manuka Honey is raw unprocessed honey. Manuka Honey in the honeycomb is honey straight from the hive just as the bees made it. To extract it from the honeycomb the Manuka Honey is cool processed below or at hive temperature by extraction in a centrifuge enabling the comb to be put back into the hive. What this does is slightly filter the honey through a screen to remove any debris. All the natural pollen, Propolis and any Royal Jelly is
      Retained in the honey. I hope this answers your question. Please visit our website Pacific Resources International for more New Zealand honey products.


  2. I will be purchasing from you directly in the future now that I have discovered your website, but I bought from Whole Foods today your Manuka Honey 10+ (no mention of bio active or UMF) and am wondering if it will have the helpful properties for my acid reflux that the bio active and/or UMF ones do. And which one do you recommend for the next purchase when I have finished with this one. Many thanks. 🙂 Rebecca


    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you for your PRI purchase! Due to New Zealand regulations on Manuka Honey labeling we are no longer allowed to say Bio Active on the label. If it does not say UMF on the label it will still have the same properties as Bio Active even though it will no longer be on the label. From past testimonials the Manuka Honey 10+ has worked great on acid reflux. If it seems to worsen or becomes chronic you could try a UMF honey.


    1. Hi Nicole,

      The Manuka Honey Nectar Balm is a great topical joint and pain relief cream! If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media we’ll give you 10% off all our amazing products.

      Just head over to our website for more details on how to receive your 10% off. Let us know how the Nectar Balm works for you!



    1. Hi Ernest,

      PRI Manuka Honey UMF® 10+ grade has a Methylglyoxal Level ≥263 mg/kg. To receive a UMF® grading, the honey must have the presence of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), Methylglyoxal, and Leptosperin. The UMF® rating is a measure of the attributes and values that make up Manuka Honey.

      You can find more information on Manuka Honey UMF 10+ on our website If you have any further questions or concerns, we’re happy to assist you.



    1. Hi Barry,

      Thank you for contacting us. Yes, the Active Manuka Honey contains a Leptosperin 100 mg/kg and the Methylglyoxal level varies depending on which grade you purchase. The labels will no longer say Bio Active due to New Zealand Government’s regulations on labeling Manuka Honey. The jar now says Manuka Honey with the number of its grade on the label.

      If you have any questions, please let me know.



  3. Yummy and Healthy! I am so looking forward to trying all the amazing products from PRI! I found their products on line while googling Manuka Honey then looked down to find that PRI was advertised right in the page I was looking at in the great magazine offered at Mother’s Market here in Anaheim Hills. My mother and I agree that Manuka is the way to go and have been telling many people about it. There are too many health benefits and it’s so easy and yummy to use. The recipes on this site sound absolutely Delish and will be giving some of them a try. Hopefully with the most recent gift basket give Away! Keeping fingers crossed. Would LOVE. To try the complete line from you guys! Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Kristin,

      We love to hear comments like this! Enjoy making the delicious Manuka Honey recipes and good luck on the brand Ambassador’s Giveaway.



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