Manuka Honey Soap, Truth about Lye

Most popular commercial body care products contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. This has lead many people to opt for beauty and body care products made with clean, natural ingredients. Lye in Soap  Getting informed about what ingredients are in the products we use is important. For instance, when looking at the ingredients in our PRI Manuka … More Manuka Honey Soap, Truth about Lye

Propolis Soap; freedom from inflammation

Propolis contains more than 300 compounds, most of which are in the form of polyphenols. Polyphenols help fight disease and reverse damage to the body. Propolis contains a polyphenol known as flavonoids. These are typically for protection of the plant but are found to have antioxidant properties for humans. Research shows that propolis helps to … More Propolis Soap; freedom from inflammation

Manuka Honey and New Zealand Sea Salt Soap

PRI’s Manuka Honey and New Zealand Sea Salt Soap is one of our New Additions! This handcrafted, moisturizing soap combines the healing power of Manuka Honey, nourishing Botanical Oils, and all natural New Zealand solar dried sea salt to bring out the best in your skin. Try this nourishing and luxurious Manuka Honey Soap it will … More Manuka Honey and New Zealand Sea Salt Soap