Propolis for Children, help them breath

Upper respiratory-tract infections (URTI) occur most commonly in childhood. On average, a healthy three-year old child suffers from 6-10 colds per year. These types of colds are generally mild but the symptoms can cause a fever and make your child irritable, lethargic and uncomfortable. According to the world health organization, respiratory infections account for 20% … Continue reading Propolis for Children, help them breath

Manuka Honey plus 15 UMF

Buyer Bee-Ware!

By Peter Berk Fake Manuka Honey Continues To Saturate U.S. Market With more consumers learning about the considerable culinary and wellness attributes of New Zealand Manuka Honey every day, it’s no surprise that numerous brands are trying to capitalize on this lucrative trend by offering knock-off products that deflect their lower quality by selling for … Continue reading Buyer Bee-Ware!

Rock climbing

BEE Fit with Manuka Honey

Energy Gels are the latest rage for endurance athletes and weekend warriors that want to get better overall performance including increased energy, extra calories and replenishing electrolytes. However, these energy gels contain processed ingredients; so the savvy and more health-conscious athletes look for more natural alternatives (and better tasting).

Used for both architecture and immune support, propolis, a bee’s sucess

We’ve discussed the many ways that propolis is good for us and our families but we haven’t looked at why bees collect propolis in the first place. Propolis a plant based resin is used to give a hive structure and to protect it against predators, microbes and pathogens. Bees collect propolis and distribute it throughout … Continue reading Used for both architecture and immune support, propolis, a bee’s sucess

Manuka Honey 20+

Bee Informed: The Definitive Guide to Rating Manuka Honey

This blog article is intended to give clarity to consumers that they are buying certified Manuka Honey that contains antibacterial properties. Mark Twain once penned, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics!” Too often slick marketers confuse consumers through misdirection – and that includes manipulating the grading systems of Manuka Honey. But First, Why Manuka … Continue reading Bee Informed: The Definitive Guide to Rating Manuka Honey

Whats in Your Lube?

Surprisingly there is little research evaluating the types of solutions and products women insert into their vagina and the effects these products can have on vaginal health. With bacterial vaginosis and candida infections causing between 5 and 10 million clinic visits annually you would think the government would want to develop a better understanding of … Continue reading Whats in Your Lube?