Mesquite Chicken Tacos

Labor Day Weekend is coming up and not sure what you want to cook? Switch it up from burgers and hot dogs and grill some chicken for mesquite chicken tacos! Set up a make your own taco bar that is a no fuss for you and everyone is sure to enjoy.

Mesquite Smoked Pacific Sea Salt BBQ Rub

Mesquite Smoked Jerk Dry Rub

Made with a secret Louisiana family recipe, our smoked Mesquite salt captures old time favorite Cajun dishes. Natural Pacific Sea Salt with down-home Mesquite flavor.   Here is a recipe for a rub with a Caribbean twist. It includes all the tropical spices to put a spin on your next summertime cookout. Shopping list: Mesquite … Continue reading Mesquite Smoked Jerk Dry Rub