Test your Bee Knowledge

· Honey Bee Colony Averages 60,000 ·

it takes a large work force to produce honey. Honey Bees forage outside and collect nectar, pollen, and water. 

·If the Queen goes missing, the hive will notice within 15 minutes ·

A main communication within the hive is pheromones, Bees communicate by touching antennas and pass along pheromones. Once the Queens pheromone levels drop they notice her absence and can become agitated. 

· For 1 pound of honey, Bees collect nectar from 2 million flowers ·

Bees must visit a lot of flower blossoms to collect the watery nectar that will be transformed into honey. 

· Only Female worker bees sting ·

 If you get stung by a honey bee, it will be a female worker bee who does the job. Drones or male bees – do no work.  They do not forage or guard the hive so they do not need stingers. Honey bees are not aggressive but will sting in defense if they feel threatened. Bee stings hurt but they are not dangerous -if you are not allergic.

· Worker bees change jobs over the course of their lives ·

 From nurse bees that feed young, to house bees who make honey and foragers who gather food.

· Honey bees are not native to North America ·

 Bees were brought over from Europe with early settlers. The bees liked life in the New World and spread into the forests.

Worker Bees are getting it ready…
Great Emails Ahead.. Bee Ready!

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