Garden Party for Bees

· Avoid pesticides ·

It might keep hungry pests out of the garden, but it could also make bees shy from your flowers. Or even worse, harm the bees if they are brave enough to land on your flowers. There are plenty of safe home remedies to keep the bugs out without hurting the bees.

· Keep the landscape natural ·

Bees are smarter than you think. An overly manicured garden might deter bees from hanging out. Your best bet is to keep your garden as natural and relaxed as possible.

· Have plants that bloom at different times of the year ·

You might want to see all the flowers bloom at once, but staggering your plants is actually better because it extends pollination time throughout the year. You also will have flowers year round!

· The more flowers, the better ·

With such a wide variety of bees roaming around, abundance is the key to getting them to come to your yard. More food = more bees. And since so many of their favorite flowers have a bit of a wild side, it makes it so easy to grow a lot at once.

· Don’t forget about edible plants ·

Berries are one of the best treats for your bee friends because of the large amount of blooms they produce. And once the bees have eaten and pollinated your berries, you’ll have them for yourself as well! Cucumbers, peppers and squash are also great alternatives

· Leave them alone ·

Bees can be quite friendly but, admire them from afar. 

Gardening is one of the best ways to spend your time outside. A not so big secret to having a successful garden is to make sure that it is bee-friendly. Whether it is wildflowers, berries or veggies, bees will come around to check things out as soon are there are blossoms. Make sure you are avoiding harmful chemicals and keeping your yard as natural as possible and you will have a yard full of bees in no time.

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