Proper Crisps Parsnips

Proper Crunchy Parsnip Salad

Proper Crisps Parsnips

Come January, I think of new ways to eat light without giving up creativity. Here is a recipe with our brand-new Parsnip Crisps from New Zealand’s Proper Crisps. A salad that has a great crunch.

Shopping List:



Heat a frying pan and add walnuts. Let them roast for a minute watching to make sure they don’t burn. Add Clover Honey and toss gently to cover nuts. Add balsamic vinegar and liquid. Should begin to bubble a little. Continually toss to ensure no burning or sticking. Remove from heat after a couple of minutes. Season with Pacific Sea Salt and pepper.

Salad Assembly:

Place salad leaves into bowls. Add salmon chunks. Then pear slices and cheese. Sprinkle walnuts and Parsnip Crisps over top and add additional walnuts. Season with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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