7 Ideas for Packing Great School Lunches


It’s back to school and that means back to school lunches! As busy moms, we are always looking for new ideas, and inspiration — “What do we pack in those lunch boxes?”

Same old, same old. That sandwich, those leftovers. How can I brighten up my kid’s lunches?

So, I thought I would go on a hunt for fun ideas to share in this guest post.

Packing the same thing day after day is boring for both me and the kids. So, it’s important to find ways to make lunches creative, but simple enough to make at the early hours of the morning.

I have rounded up 5 fun ideas and tips to liven up that school lunch:

  • Healthy foods can also be fun foods. Besides carrots and vegetables in colorful containers, why not add a couple of Manuka Honey Sticks. Kids love these and they are healthy and fun to eat.
  • Put a colorful envelope in your child’s lunchbox. Write a little note and put in a couple of Manuka Honey Chocolates in the envelope. Pure happiness in a box!
  • Add a little exotic touch to your child’s lunch with a bento box packed with vegetables, cold noodles and a Manuka Honey Lollipop for dessert.
  • Chips and more chips; how can a kid not love them — even more, if they are healthy. Pack a packet of Proper Crisps Kumara Sweet Potato Crisps in that lunchbox for an extra special treat!
  • Say I love you with a home-baked Chewy Honey Chip Cookie.
  • Make their lunches fun again and get them involved – ask them to choose their favorite veggies to snack on or choose their just “desserts.”
  • One of my favorites as a child (and still is) was a sandwich with peanut butter, banana slices and a drizzle of honey (what better than New Zealand Multiflora Honey).

In closing, keep your kids excited by telling them that they have “something special” in their lunch, but “don’t open it until lunchtime”.


Putting a smile on your children’s face is well worth the extra effort to give them healthy goodness in every bite!

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