Salted Manuka Honey Apples

Salted Candied Manuka Honey Apples

Salted Manuka Honey Apples

Halloween is a time to enjoy candy and to take you back to the fond memories your childhood. Here is a delicious recipe for Salted Candied Manuka Honey Apples made with mouthwatering Manuka Honey Caramels. Enjoy them with family and friends or maybe your favorite teacher!

Shopping List:

Manuka Honey Caramels


  • 6 apples
  • 1 (14 oz) package Manuka Honey Salted Caramels, unwrapped
  • 2 tablespoons milk (or vegan substitute)
  • Craft Sticks


  • Remove the stem from each apple and press a craft stick into the top. Butter a baking sheet.
  • Place caramels and milk in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave 2 minutes stirring once. Allow to cool briefly.
  • Roll each apple quickly in caramel sauce until well coated. Place on prepared sheet to set.
  • Refrigerate before serving

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