Mini Pulled Chicken Sliders With BBQ Honey Sauce

There is something about a slider that makes it sound so much more interesting than a regular sandwich. According to 5280 burger bar, It is believed the term slider came from the Navy where greasy burgers were called sliders because they could slide around so easily. Now the term is applied to small bite-sized sandwiches as well. Either way, they are easy … More Mini Pulled Chicken Sliders With BBQ Honey Sauce

Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub

It’s summer! Time to pull out those shorts and bathing suits. Keep your legs looking smooth and beautiful with this Manuka Honey sugar scrub!! Ingredients: ½ Lemon ½ cup sugar 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp Manuka Honey Preparation: Blend all the ingredients together. Apply on your legs in a circular motion.